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We design the checks-ups according to the needs of each person

What is the Service?

Check-Ups (Comprehensive Health Examinations) consist of the practice of a group of medical examinations that include the review of various physical conditions of any person, who may or may not present potential risks of suffering a future condition, applying various diagnostic tests which seek to anticipate the occurrence of diseases. We have a vast experience in Check-Ups, which has allowed us to expand and adjust our models to cover all the probable risks of diseases not detected at the time of the practice of a Check-Up. Diagnostic Image has Check-Ups models that include exams according to the accumulated experience that indicates the most recommendable for each age and sex range. We also have models related to diseases or areas of health that require their analysis, such as cancer in men and women, smoking status, cardiac condition, etc. However, we maintain flexibility and willingness to develop Check-Ups models according to the need and special requirements for each person we serve. The examinations that are performed in the different models of Check-Up, are integrated later by our specialist doctor which analyzes them, correlating the medical history with the results obtained, to conclude in the clinical interpretation of the health status of the person, and in the recommendations suitable for each particular case. Our company has an exclusive room for the care of patients in Check-Up, looking for a comfortable and quiet stay during the diagnostic process. At the moment the main companies of Ciudad Juárez, national and transnational trust us to its executives for the preventive diagnosis that offers a Check-Up.

  • Complete Check-Ups, by sex and by age.
  • Gynecological Check-Ups.
  • Gastric Check-Ups.
  • Cancer Preventive Check-Ups.
  • Cardiological Check-Ups
  • Check-Ups for Smokers
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