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More than a Laboratory


•Resonance •Tomography •Ultrasound •Radiology •Mammography •Echocardiogram

Used to reveal, diagnose and examine diseases or to study the anatomy and functions of the body, radiology is part of these techniques.



•Biochemistry •Antidoping Exams •Hematology •Hemodynamic Biometry

The clinical laboratory is the place where a multidisciplinary team formed by the clinical pathologist or clinical analyst, laboratory professionals and technicians in clinical analysis, analyze human biological samples that contribute to the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Molecular Laboratory

•Viral Infections •Viral Load •Virus Typing •Cytomegalovirus

Our molecular laboratory services are within the biosanitary sector, specifically in the field of genetics and functional genomics, through the use of new high performance technologies such as DNA microarrays, gene sequencing and protein and cell analysis.



•Analysis of Cafes and Restaurants •Food and Surface Monitoring. •Inertes

In the industry dedicated to the breeding of animals destined to the consumption of the man, this type of studies allows to know to him who applies it if the foods that are used in the nutrition of the same contain pathogenic microorganisms, that is to say, bacteria and fungi through of the application of microbiological tests, or what is the same, through cultures elaborated for that purpose.


Additional Services

Taking samples at home, taking samples to companies and express service

In Imagen Diagnostica we count with special services for the comfort of our clients as they are. The express service that allows you to obtain your results of imaging and laboratory in a maximum of one hour (consult available tests). As well as the home service for private patients and companies. Our truck has Ultasonido, X-ray and sampling for your convenience. All in order to achieve greater comfort to our customers.

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Our Testimonials

Imagen Diagnostica has maintained over the years a profile of security and confidence in our city, the previous thing is the result of 24 years of an organization that takes care of the quality in its products, in its equipment and mainly in the human and technical aspect of its staff.
Dr. Enrique Rodríguez Barragán
For being the first laboratory in facilities and equipment, professional in all areas, affordable prices and excellent service.
Dr. Fernando Ornelas Arecco
Physician Oncologist Pediatrician
Reliability and punctuality in results, both laboratory and imaging, comfortable environment in its facilities, good equipment, good treatment and affordable prices.
Dr. Gaspar Mendoza Lazare

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